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who we are

Flood International Consulting Agency (FICA) is a results–focused consulting firm that provides its clients with strategic solutions, critical resources and reliable services to achieve their growth and profit objectives.

The business environments for all industries and institutions have entered into an era of radical change, and it dramatically affects their mechanisms for growth, profits and sustainability. Our role as consultants is to provide leadership for our clients and to recommend strategies to help them achieve their goals. Through our network of select partners in the U.S. and worldwide, we enable clients to acquire critical resources, architect solutions, leverage assets, expand globally, and meet profit objectives.

We identify with the purpose and the importance of each client’s objectives and develop project plans that align with each organization’s culture, values, mission and goals. We are client-focused and not shareholder driven. That makes a difference in our hands-on approach and commitment to producing results.

Within FICA, we highly value personal and professional integrity. We practice sound management by complying with all relevant laws and regulations in our dealings with clients worldwide.

professional services

We provide diverse, full-service consulting and project development services related to health care and health care education; institutional planning and business development; global marketing; and other services. We serve both public and private sector organizations, large and small, from Main Street to Wall Street.


We strongly believe in the work our clients are doing. Working with FICA, these companies have been provided with world-class, strategic solutions.