Public Relations and Community Development

FICA is not only involved in the marketing and development of healthcare organizations, we also make a difference in the community. Whether for a non-profit or for-profit organization, FICA [...]

Government Consulting

Our latest service includes consulting and planning services for the government. Whether you are a large city or a small town, our consultants can come up with creative solutions for your [...]

Corporate Branding

At FICA, we have the expertise to take your organization to the next level of brand recognition. We can create professional looking marketing materials for your organization so that your clients [...]

Global Marketing

Flood International Consulting Agency (FICA) specializes in global marketing. Wherever your business is located, we have the expertise to help your company increase its international exposure. [...]

Business Development

Strategies for growth and profitability To sustain profitability and withstand competitors, businesses must continue to develop strategies for development. FICA employs a number of specialized [...]

Healthcare Educational Systems

Medical Education Planning and Development (U.S.) The U.S. has a looming physician shortage due to the aging of the physician work force, increased demands for health care services due to the new [...]

Healthcare Planning, Development, & Consulting

Our company has a demonstrated history of accomplishment as consultants and project developers on health care-related projects. If you are a health care organization or medical education provider [...]