Flood International Consulting Agency (FICA) specializes in global marketing. Wherever your business is located, we have the expertise to help your company increase its international exposure.

FICA uses state-of-the-art equipment to assist organizations with their marketing. We have access to multi-million dollar television studios and equipment. If you are looking to advertise in certain regions of the world, then we can help.

We can complement your television advertisements by expanding your market exposure through improved Web technologies. Whether you are looking to enhance your current website advertising or develop a new website, you can be assured that our consultants can help.

By using market focused advertising and network techniques, we will work to enhance your exposure worldwide.

Now handling all of FICA’s global and local marketing campaigns is its sister company WorldConnect IPTV Solutions.

WorldConnect IPTV is a digital media company establishing platforms for delivering Internet Protocol Television in a more streamlined fashion. Currently, WorldConnect IPTV has developed an IPTV Portal along with a custom management system for clients who wish to reach a global audience at a fraction of the cost.

WorldConnect IPTV utilizes technology that has been in development for several years and has become a mainstream source of delivery in other countries. It ‘s goal is to bring this technology to the United States and become the first major IPTV company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

By providing clients access to its technology, they are able to stream content live, on demand, or through scheduled programming at a fraction of the cost of cable syndication. Ultimately it allows companies to maximize their audience and revenue through new cost effective means.

WorldConnect IPTV provides the client a channel on an internet portal that will stream the content in several unique ways to meet the clients expectations. With the tools inside of the CMS, clients are able to target specific audiences and monitor the success of the media while utilizing WorldConnect IPTV’s technology to create subscription revenue, pay per download, member only streaming, or any of the other possible solutions provided through the content management system.

To find out how WorldConnect IPTV Solutions can help maximize your global and local marketing campaigns, go to http://worldconnectiptv.com and check out what WorldConnect IPTV has to offer your company.