Our company has a demonstrated history of accomplishment as consultants and project developers on health care-related projects. If you are a health care organization or medical education provider and are seeking to optimize or expand your current operations and processes and/or produce more health care providers for your region, our team can help you achieve your goals.

Our services can help you attain efficiency and excellence:

  • Improve delivery of health care services
  • Optimize operations and return on investment
  • Establish or expand medical education programs (allopathic medical education, dentistry, nursing, allied health)
  • Leverage technology to improve processes, recordkeeping and communication
  • Improve management practices
  • Recruit key executives and high-level faculty

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, FICA worked diligently to help rebuild and improve the health care infrastructure in its home state of Louisiana. However, even before the disaster, serious health status issues existed statewide. Many residents lack access to primary medical care, and there are high incidences (and often late diagnosis) of diseases such as colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Also, a recent series of state budget cuts adversely impacts the ability of community hospitals to cost-effectively deliver routine medical services. Moreover, statewide shortages of physicians, nurses and allied health personnel exacerbate the situation. Recognizing that meeting medical workforce demands is fundamental and imperative to improving the health care system, FICA has and will continue to address medical education deficiencies, which will in turn provide the state with a much-needed economic boost.

We provide similar services in other regions, and we have helped to produce business infrastructures worldwide to meet demands for medical doctors and health care workers.

Let our experienced team guide you through your next health care-related project.